The Opportunities with Developer jobs

There is a shortage of Developers in the UK with thousands of Developer job vacancies currently live in the UK. There has never been a better time to pursue a career in web development as agencies and companies as they seek talented individuals to help their companies to grow online

A Guide to Reducing your Recruitment Costs

There are various methods of attracting quality candidates to your vacancies. To find staff you can advertise internally and on your own company website, in national / regional / local or trade press, use a recruitment agency, advertise on one of the many online job sites or use an online managed recruitment service.

The aim of any of recruiter, whether recruiting for one or ten positions, is to reduce the cost per hire, reduce the risk involved and to finish by hiring the best possible candidate for the job.

How to conduct an interview

Conducting an effective interview is not as simple as it may seem. There are lots of elements that need to be taken into account prior to, during and after the interview in order for it to be a success for both the candidate and the recruiter.

The interview is an opportunity to sell the company to potential candidates and assess each candidate’s suitability for the position.

By ensuring the basics are well covered the interview process will yield greater results. Here are some of the elements that will need to be considered:

The Fixed Fee Recruitment Revolution

Recruiting new talent has traditionally been a huge expense to businesses in the UK. Last year alone British businesses spent approximately £26 billion on ensuring they get the right people for their jobs.
Even in today's modern world, a large chunk of this recruitment expenditure is spent with traditional recruitment agencies, who continue to flourish in this tough economy - the top 10 UK recruitment agencies netted a combined total of around £1 billion in the last year.
The question now is: Are these traditional agencies still offering value for money?