Terms & Conditions

  1. These terms of business are between TechnoRecruit (‘The Company’) and the Employer client (‘The Client’) and are deemed to be accepted when the Client makes a booking with the Company. 


  1. A booking will be deemed to have been made when the Client returns the Company’s order confirmation form (“the Form”) duly completed.
  1. Unless the Company states otherwise on the form, the Client will be charged £1,499 for each vacancy (“Employee”) to be sourced (“the Charge”).  The charge is subject to VAT at 20% if applicable.
  1. Each booking will consist of a six week recruitment campaign unless otherwise stated on the form.


  1.  Payment of £1,499 should be made once a placement has been made using a candidate supplied by TechnoRecruit.
  1. In the event that the Company does not fulfil the vacancy (provide a placement) as specified on the form, an extension of the campaign will be offered.
  1. If a candidate submitted by TechnoRecruit is placed within your organisation, regardless of the job title your company is liable to the payment of £1,499.


  1. The Company will provide the Client with candidate CV’s that match the Client job criteria.
  1. It will be the Clients responsibility to inform the Company of unsuitable candidate CV’s. 
  1. The Company will:
  • Write and optimise within reason the Clients job advert
  • Advertise the vacancy on numerous industry job boards
  • Actively search relevant online CV databases for relevant candidate CV’s
  • Manually screen and filter relevant CV’s
  • Email the Client relevant CV’s
  • Send rejection emails to unsuccessful candidates who have actively applied for the vacancy in question

TechnoRecruit does not conduct or verify the authenticity of candidates supplied to the Client.  Candidate vetting procedures will be solely the Clients responsibility.
The Client will:      

  • Provide a detailed job description to the Company
  • Read, sign and date the order confirmation form and return to the Company.
  • By returning a signed confirmation order form the Client accepts and is subject to the Terms and Conditions set out by the Company.
  • Inform the Company immediately of any changes to the job description and or criteria


  1. TechnoRecruit operates on a placement acceptance basis.  Placement acceptance is defined as an offer being accepted by the candidate.
  1. Candidates sourced by the Company and supplied to the Client will be deemed as unique.  It is the Clients responsibility to inform the Company within 24 hours of candidates who have been supplied to but have otherwise previously been sourced elsewhere.
  1. In the event of the candidate leaving within one month of the agreed start date, we will run a new campaign and aim to find a replacement candidate within 6 weeks.  If we are unable to do this then 100% of the fee will be refunded to you.


  1. These terms apply unless expressly agreed to the contrary in advance by a Director of the Company in writing. 
  1. English law shall govern the validity of these Terms and Conditions.