The Fixed Fee Recruitment Revolution

Recruiting new talent has traditionally been a huge expense to businesses in the UK. Last year alone British businesses spent approximately £26 billion on ensuring they get the right people for their jobs.
Even in today's modern world, a large chunk of this recruitment expenditure is spent with traditional recruitment agencies, who continue to flourish in this tough economy - the top 10 UK recruitment agencies netted a combined total of around £1 billion in the last year.
The question now is: Are these traditional agencies still offering value for money?
Whilst traditional recruitment agencies have historically been justified in charging high costs due to the extensive use of hugely overpriced print media, nowadays - as with most things, recruitment advertising is now moving to the online world. A massive 80% of candidates sourced by traditional recruitment agencies are now sourced via online job boards - at much lower costs than print. So if sourcing costs for traditional recruitment agencies has fallen, have these cost savings been passed on to the clients?
Although traditional recruitment agencies remain an excellent resource for hiring employers, these new online facilities have also made way for a new recruitment revolution: Online Fixed Fee Recruitment.
Specialists in this area, such as TechnoRecruit, are able to offer access to the same candidate databases, post your jobs on the online job boards, as well as screen candidates - just like traditional agencies, but at a much lower cost by passing on the cost savings of operating online to their clients.
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