The Fixed Fee Recruitment Revolution

Recruiting new talent has traditionally been a huge expense to businesses in the UK. Last year alone British businesses spent approximately £26 billion on ensuring they get the right people for their jobs.
Even in today's modern world, a large chunk of this recruitment expenditure is spent with traditional recruitment agencies, who continue to flourish in this tough economy - the top 10 UK recruitment agencies netted a combined total of around £1 billion in the last year.
The question now is: Are these traditional agencies still offering value for money?

What is Fixed Fee Recruitment?

A pretty self explanatory term, fixed fee IT recruitment is the process of charging a fixed fee for an IT recruitment service. Fixed fee IT recruitment has been around for a while but the industry has grown dramatically in the last couple of years. One of the pioneers of fixed fee IT recruitment is TechnoRecruit, who as part of the Technojobs group have been involved in IT and technical recruitment for the last 11 years.